Well, the break was nice while it lasted, wasn’t it? But we knew that Eskom would implement load shedding again soon; President Cyril Ramaphosa warned us about it in his State of the Nation Address.

Eskom: Stage 2 load shedding – 14 to 16 February

Eskom announced that stage two rotational load shedding will be implemented from 21:00 on Friday 14 February, until 6:00 on Sunday. According to Eskom, we’ve got the loss of an additional four units to thank for this.

Planned outages and breakdowns were at 11 427 MW as at 20:00 on Valentine’s Day. In addition, Eskom confirmed that planned maintenance was above 7 000 MW. Eskom pulled a #SorryNotSorry for the inconvenience:

“While we regret the short notice, we have communicated earlier that any shift on the system will require the implementation of load shedding at short notice.”

Where to find load shedding updates

Furthermore, Eskom say they will “provide regular updates”. Do note, however, that Eskom will only provide feedback from its verified channels.

Updates can be found the power utilities social media profiles:

Eskom requests that all citizens continue to use electricity sparingly by following the guidelines set out here. And don’t pack the candles away any time soon. Eskom adds:

“Eskom reminds South Africans that there is a possibility of increased load shedding over the next 18 months as we are conducting critical maintenance to restore the ageing plant to good health”.

How to check your daily schedule

To find out if, or when, your area or suburb will be impacted by load shedding, you first need to know whether your supply of electricity comes directly from Eskom or from the municipality. Let’s deal with Eskom-direct supplied areas first.

Eskom’s load shedding portal provides up to date details on the current stage of load shedding, the propensity for further rotational cuts, and an area search for direct consumers.

It’s an easy-to-use search function, which although not always 100% accurate, at least provides a rough estimate of what to expect, when.

To check your daily load shedding schedule, go onto loadshedding.eskom.co.za and type either your suburb/village/area into the quick search field.

If your electricity is supplied via the municipality, you need to refer to this table and contact the relevant authorities – either via the web or phone.


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