Not that we should ever feel grateful for any round of load shedding from Eskom, but a day of Stage 2 seems like a breeze compared to what we faced at the start of the week. Stage 6 load shedding on Monday invoked a national crisis, but we have 14 hours on Thursday where the outages suddenly don’t seem too bad.

We’ve got all the important information on the matter here. As well as details about the load shedding schedule, there are a few more nuggets of information you need to know about the current state of Eskom:

Eskom updates: Load shedding for Thursday 12 December

The basics

  • Stage details: We’re at Stage 2. After days of continuous cuts, load shedding can now be suspended overnight..
  • Duration: From 9:00 – 23:00 on Thursday 12 December.
  • Power off the grid: More than 9 500 MW is still unavailable, keeping the lights off for most of the day.

How they came to this decision

Just a few days after South Africa was plunged into its darkest energy crisis, we’ve now got light at the end of the tunnel. Eskom have explained that recovering water reserves have got the firm back on track… sort of.

“No overnight power cuts were required as water reserves at our pumped storage schemes were sufficiently replenished. We remind customers that load-shedding, regardless of the stage, is no cause for alarm as the system in being effectively controlled to prevent a national blackout. It is a responsible act.”


Tariffs set to rise

In an attempt to recoup losses incurred by load shedding, Eskom will be challenging an earlier electricity tariff ruling, despite failing to provide the country with adequate power. Hasha Tlhotlhalemaje, Eskom’s regulation boss, confirmed the utility was attempting to recover R34 billion in operational expenses, incurred during 2018.

Eskom’s challenge has been emboldened by the recent bout of load shedding which has cost the utility – and the SA economy – tens of billions of rand. The flailing state owned enterprise, which has most-recently failed to keep South Africa powered, originally launched a High Court bid to challenge NERSA in October.

When is it likely to end, and what is the Christmas load shedding forecast

From what we can tell, this entire bout of load shedding should come to an end by Friday evening, meaning that Saturday would be the first day we go without power cuts since Wednesday 4 December. During the Eskom crisis talks yesterday, it was confirmed that the lights will stay on over Christmas. Any further blackouts are not likely to happen until mid-January at the earliest.


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