With the load shedding schedule implemented by Eskom, the City of Cape Town has warned that this may have an adverse impact on water supply.

Load shedding: What stage are we in on Tuesday, 10 December?

The power utility published a statement, on Tuesday morning, noting that rolling blackouts have reverted to stage 4 until 23:00.

The persistence of the load shedding can be attributed to the bad weather conditions affecting the interior of South Africa. However, for the City of Cape Town, prolonged power cuts mean that, at some point, it will be impossible to operate water and sewage pumps for long periods without electricity.

“Load-shedding of this severity is likely to constrain our ability to provide water supply in the reticulation system across the whole of Cape Town in the usual way. Our pumps for both the water and sewerage systems cannot operate properly without power for significant periods,” the City noted in a statement.

Water supply operations are severly disrupted during stage 6 load shedding, the City explained. At this level, Eskom rolls out two-hour blackouts for a minimum of six times a day. The City said that , at this time, “the nature or extent of the possible water supply interruptions is not yet known.”

City of Cape Town urges residents to use water sparingly

The City of Cape Town assured locals that operational teams are on full alert and the situation being monitored intensively. However, to further avoid a possible catastrophe, residents have been urged to use water sparingly.

“Residents should not panic, but please use water sparingly and prepare just in case they do experience a period of no water supply,” the City warned.

To prepare for the worst, the City advised locals to:

  • store enough municipal tap water for drinking, cooking and basic ablution;
  • use clean containers and keep them sealed for hygiene and safety purposes; and
  • ensure all taps are kept closed during this period to prevent any water loss and/or damage when the water supply is restored.

Capetonians experiencing water and sanitation-related problems can contact the City on:


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