On the same day that representatives from the Restaurant Association of South Africa (Rasa) took legal action against the government to lift the alcohol ban imposed for all sit-in meals, their campaign received a boost from the FF Plus. The political party has written to Trade Minister Ebrahim Patel, urging him to reconsider the restrictions for in-person booze service.

Latest on the alcohol ban for restaurants

Restaurants were given the green light to reopen on Monday, but there was still a missing piece of the puzzle. Patrons who go out for food won’t be able to have a glass of red wine or sink a beer with their meal, and many professionals in the business fear this could turn-away too many customers for them to survive.

The FF Plus has echoed these sentiments, claiming that the very specific ban on alcohol sales within venues “makes no sense” and could lead to a slew of food outlets closing down for good.

Trade Minister ‘under pressure’ to allow booze sales

Party spokesperson Jaco Mulder fears that job losses will be an inevitable consequence, should this particular regulation remain in place, and he’s vowed to “keep the pressure” on Patel.

“The FF Plus has requested the Minister for Trade, Ebrahim Patel, to amend regulations for the re-opening of restaurants in – so as to allow alcoholic beverages to be served during sit-down meals. It makes no sense to allow restaurants to sell alcohol with take-away meals, but to prohibit serving liquor with sit-down meals.”

“The lockdown regulations of Levels 5, 4 and 3 have delivered a severe blow to the restaurant and hospitality industry, which lead to great job losses. Allowing restaurants to re-open, but prohibiting the sale of beverages that contain alcohol, will only cause even more restaurants to close permanently.”

“It’s a move that is also likely to lead to even more job losses. The FF Plus will put pressure on the minister to amend the lockdown regulations so that they are rational or to possibly lift them entirely.”

Jaco Mulder


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