We’re easing ourselves out of a restrictive lockdown, even if coronavirus cases are heading towards a peak in South Africa. Perennially stuck between a rock and a hard place, the government has been forced to allow more businesses to open their doors during Level 3, after announcing a number of important rule changes.

The laws on meeting friends and family

Many of the changes – dubbed “Advanced Level 3” in some quarters – come into effect from Monday 29 June. They allow people to gather and meet in public places, even if it’s only in small groups. However, we have to stress this point clearly: Nobody is allowed to visit the home of a friend or relative yet.

These changes – outlined in the Government Gazette – bring good news for many in the hospitality industry. However, it’s vital that SA learns to walk before it can run. That’s why we’ve put together the list of activities that South Africans can – and cannot – do going forward from today, across nine different fields of interest:

Level 3 lockdown changes: What are we allowed to do?


  • You can exercise in groups of four.
  • You cannot visit a gym or fitness centre, nor can you exercise between 18:00 – 6:00.




  • You can now book your tickets in advance to go and watch a movie on the big screen.
  • You cannot have more than 50 people inside the venue at the same time.


  • You can soon go and watch a live performance, under socially-distanced terms and conditions
  • You cannot stage a show with more than 15 cast and crew members, nor can you break the ’50-person capacity’ rule.

Museums, galleries and libraries

  • You can meet up with others – including friends and family – at these locations once they open.
  • You cannot take advantage of this allowance by organising large or mass gatherings here, though.


  • You can book an appointment at a barbers, salon or any form of professional hairdressing business.
  • You cannot have non-paying guests attend the venue, nor can staff reuse gloves and aprons for a new client.


  • You can now go and attend a casino, if strict health guidelines are followed.
  • You cannot enter if a venue is 50% full – half of the floor-space needs to be kept empty.


  • You can resume training or take part in a (non-contact sport) match if you’re a professional athlete.
  • You cannot visit public pools, five-a-side football courts or boxing gyms – all are off-limits.

What remains banned or closed at Level 3?

Beaches, public parks, most air travel, fetes and public food sharing options, nightclubs, bars, taverns and shebeens, AirBnB bookings, recreational contact sports activities, stadiums, and fan-attended events.


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