Jason Bateman Set to Direct ‘Superworld’ Movie

Jason Bateman has been playing double duty, acting in the crime drama Ozark and directing ten episodes of the series. With Ozark season three having come to an end in 2020, he is taking on the latter full force.

Bateman is already confirmed to be directing the romantic heist movie Here Comes the Flood. And just recently, it’s said he’ll be taking the helm for the superhero film called Superworld, reports Empire Online. 

An entire world made of superheroes? Yep. Well, actually, except for one guy.

The movie is based on Gus Krieger‘s 2020 audiobook by the same name. According to the book’s description, literally every single person on the planet has a super human ability, including children, except for one man named Ignatius Lohman, who goes by Iggy.

To make matters even more suck-y for Iggy, his father is the head of the defense agency called Peerless and is considered one of the most powerful men.

Iggy somehow gets tangled up with Erle P. Van Owen, a megalomaniacal corporate honcho. Owen has the ability to defuse people’s super powers. But, if he’s up against someone sans super power, does that give Iggy some sort of advantage? Possibly.

Bateman will be reuniting with Game Night writer Mark Perez, who will be adapting the story for the screen. There’s no talk of casting at this time, but of course we’re picturing Bateman as Iggy.

We’re liking the synopsis. What about you?

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By Brigid Brown


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