Jack Black Reveals His Favorite Christmas Movie — Hint: It’s Not ‘The Holiday’

Jack Black is doing the rounds, promoting his new film Jumanji: The Next Level, in theaters today. A reporter for Variety caught up with him on the red carpet and referred to Jumanji as “sort of” a holiday movie.

It doesn’t necessarily stand out to us as a holiday movie, other than premiering in December. But, with that aside, she asked Black what his favorite movie is. His answer? He went with Elf, saying, “Jon Favreau and Will Ferrell just knockin’ it out of the park.”

Elf is definitely a holiday movie, landing on AMC’s Best Christmas Ever playlist.

The reporter compliments Black for his “humility” and not choosing his own Christmas movie. But, there’s a reason for that. He actually forgot, saying, “Do I have a Christmas movie? Which one is mine?”

He does have a Christmas movie, do you remember what it is? If not, the below clip fills in the blanks:

We have confidence in your knowing the answer, but just in case, the answer is the British/American hybrid, The Holiday, starring Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz. It’s actually one of our go-to favorites, all year actually:

In Black’s defense, he probably didn’t forget that he starred in The Holiday, but he may not think of it as a Christmas movie.

That brings up the question: “What makes a Christmas movie a Christmas movie?” This handy-dandy “Is it a Christmas Movie” Flow Chart takes out all of the guesswork.

Coming full circle, the next installment of Jumanji hits theaters today. You can look for Anglo favorite Karen Gillan and other A-listers like Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. Oh, and if Jack Black is reading this, yes, you’re in the movie, too, just in case you forget.

What movies are you going to run through the above flow chart? Can you let us know your results!? 

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