We all know that Men are developing quite some frightening habits, ladies are not excluded from this trend too. But since we’re discussing guys (Which My friends and I tend to do more often), lets’ look into this from a more serious angle. It’s true that a Few habits are to die for, just like that there a few things in guys that are worth marrying for. No one is perfect and everyone is facing a challenge to be a better person in life.

The simple truth is that we are all either struggling to be a better person or waiting to start this struggle, there are literally no people who are at the verge of becoming this perfect person.

However, if you discovered that your partner has the following habits which will be listed below, you should know that his struggles have been real and that he is one heck of a guy, someone who should be kept, someone who’s a definitive keeper.

When growing up, we tend to judge our relationship based on good lucks. Yes, I won’t even argue with you, Good looks plays a vital role in getting you partner, but when in the relationship, people naturally demand their partners to have good moral values and a kind heart, because, after the first few weeks, we discover that good looks are not enough to spend a life with. It is certain that every person (guys, because that is what we’re discussing here) goes through certain events that mold his character and make him either despicable Me person or an absolute sweetheart. This totally depends on how he reacts and tackles with the tantrums life throws at him.

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Here are seven traits in a man’s personality which are perfectly and absolutely worth dying for, and if your guy has them, we certainly would suggest you keep him because these qualities are hard to find in our today’s world and you’ve got one of a rare species out there. Value him:

7 Habits in A guy Worth Dying For


Women are sometimes difficult to understand and are generally moody, If you’re truthful with yourself, you’ll know that it’s true. However, the biggest factor to a lady being moody is with all the hormones going up and down every month. There will be times when a guy will be the sweetest to you and there will be times when they certainly who love to rip your heads off. If a man understands this and is sensitive towards you, hey, don’t hesitate to marry him.

Other than that, if he respects what you say, get the door for you or does those gentlemanly things for you, You certainly should keep him close. In this world today where hmmm have become the norms of the day, we find it difficult to see guys who have respects for ladies.  There are absolutely not too many people left who still follow the gentleman’s code and we all know how heart-melting it is when a man acts like a gentleman.

It’s also true that a guy is more than valuable and expensive than gold if he respects women and is not sexist at all towards his discussion about ladies. If Your guy supports your choices, helps you out with self-lifting and treats you equal, he is a definite keeper. Moreover, women tend to have ups and downs in their mood due to all the hormones dancing inside us, so it’s not quite easy for another person to tolerate our meaningless anger on them when they did nothing to warrant it.

If your guy does not overreact to your reactions and understands you enough to stays calm around you when you throw tantrum, then we say he is a total sweetheart. Only gentlemen have such traits and we all know about the lack of gentlemen in our society these days, which can not be enumerated. You will know your guy is one of them by his actions, speech and reactions.


Before I proceed, I would love to point out that Men tends to be more clueless, if not clueless, lazy to do all of that household work. It’s no secret that a higher percentage of Men runs from it, and if your man is being nice and helping you out around the house, you should know that it’s rare and you will not find many guys who can around with household works.

Some men still believe in this old 1st century stereotype that women are supposed to stay at home and do all the household chores, while they go outside to earn money as if they have all the brains in the world and ladies are left with nothing. Yes, I will say it, we all know such men. If your guy is not among these breeds and considers that stereotype foul and worth throwing away, then you are dating a rare nice man. If he helps you out with your chores at home and shares the burden with you, he deserves a thumbs-up.  If you meet or have a guy who surely understands that sometimes, it can be difficult for you to do it all alone and actually helps out, is worth keeping.


Personally, I adore those who think of me first, like before going out to business, shopping, etc, they do notify me about it. Now, let me be neutral in gender if you have a guy or Woman friend that thinks of you first, consider yourself lucky. Involuntarily, humans are bound to care for themselves much more than they do others. But if you see your partner going out of their way to put you first in everything they do, they definitely love you and you will certainly not regret spending the rest of your life with them.

If you have a guy friend who goes out of the way to put you first in everything, this is a clear sign that he loves you too much. Putting someone else before himself must require emotional effort from him, so do appreciate him for that and treasure this quality of his. Try to treat him the same way and let him know that he is precious by putting him first too.


Another adorable traits that should not be overlooked is Honesty. How many friends, Ladies inclusive that are honest today? If you notice that your partner is really honest, you should consider yourself lucky. Sometimes, your partner’s honesty might seem unnecessary or inappropriate. It could also hurt you at times to know the truth, but believe me, you would rather have someone who is a hundred percent honest with you on everything, than deal with someone who lies to you on your face without any remorse.

Only Ladies who have not dealt with liars would hate on an honest guy, Honest guys are a rare breed, which is going extinct, so before you dislike your guy because he told you the truth, you should try imagining a life with someone who lies to you, even when caught red-handed.

Who wants to deal with a guy who constantly lies about his feelings, whereabouts, friends or anything else?
Soon, these little white lies become too big, big enough to break you and before you know it, they are cheating on you. SO if your partner is honest, value him!

Although I would say it here that absolute honesty is not the best form of communication between emotional beings, you should love your man who is completely honest to you. You might not like the truth at times, but the realization of him being honest to you will surely make you appreciate him and trust him.


By generosity, I don’t mean spending on you through material things only, (even though some flowers or a little gift every now and again never hurt a lady). A genuinely generous guy will be generous in all areas of life:

  • He will generously enough to give you his time, rather than sideline you and spend more time with his guy friends or other friends,
  • Generous enough to give you his love,
  • Compliments,
  • Kindness and tenderness.
  • Generous enough to express his love to you as well.

He will not hesitate when it comes to giving a bit extra to this relationship, which is you.

If your man is generous, you’ll notice that he may even be generous outside, and Ladies love generous men, who don’t think twice about helping people out. You should consider yourself lucky if your man is generous in all matters of life. We do not refer to material generosity only, but also on an emotional ground, including supportive generosity too. Although little gifts of flowers and chocolates won’t cost much but being generous with other entities like love, encouragement, expression, and care are more important.


This is another characteristic that Ladies adores in a Man. A lady once asked ‘Why do beautiful ladies go out with Ugly men’? and a guy replied.

Ugly guys make her laugh so much, she forgets about the face and focuses on the happiness and joy of laughing

This may sound silly and stupid to you, but it’s the truth. By now, you should notice that ladies adore guys who are funny enough to make you smile anywhere and anytime.

If a guy makes you laugh, smile, your life with him will be easy, happy and never even boring. Life’s hardships can become less of a burden when you take them lightly, especially when you are with someone who can put humor into the worst of situations.

I think that a man with a great sense of humor, who is able to make you giggle, is a true gift of life. What’s better than the tears of joy and laughter? We ladies love serious men, but not a guy who is always serious and never seen the funny side of life. They’re just kind of boring and always want to act macho and mature.

The sense of humor in quite important because it shows how he deals with matters that arise every now and then. If he makes you laugh and does things, simply because he wants to see a smile on your face, do not let him go. If he would do anything to make you laugh, he might as well go at lengths to keep you happy forever.


The last on this list is a guy who is strong on communication. Who does not love someone who is eager to hear your thoughts on issues important to them? Value your opinion and actually want your advice?

A guy who is interested in your opinion, who ACTUALLY listens to what you have to say and who understands, will definitely be a million times better boyfriend than a guy who is only interested in his own point of view and tends, usually ignores any sane communication.

You should not forget that communication is two ways and many times, one or the other partner lags behind in it, causing arguments and dissatisfaction in the relationship. So, it is always good to be with someone who wants to listen and be heard.


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