‘I don’t want to incriminate myself’: Dudu Myeni forced to face Zondo

Former SAA executive Dudu Myeni has given a less-than-convincing performance at the Zondo Commission on Tuesday, after she initially missed her morning appointment. She might have been better off in hiding, mind…

‘Eskom influence’ questions put Dudu Myeni on the defensive

Zola Tsotsi previously testified at the Commission that Dudu Myeni ‘summoned him for a meeting‘ with former President Jacob Zuma in 2015. He says that Mrs. Myeni advised him to suspend FOUR senior Eskom executives at the time, essentially doing the bidding of Msholozi and the Guptas. She denied these claims on Tuesday, but remained sheepish.

Somewhat unbelievably, Dudu Myeni showed the first bit of honesty we’ve heard from her in a while – by admitting that she ‘did not want to say anything that would incriminate her’ – repeating what she said during her last visit to the State Capture Inquiry. Myeni then denied have any relationship with Zola Tsotsi, in either a professional or personal capacity.

“No, I don’t want to incriminate myself, chairperson. Not by naming names. This Commission should ask Mr. Tsotsi about our meeting, he arranged the meeting. I have no contact with Zola Tsotsi, and I don’t have his phone number. I cannot verify why these people wanted to meet President Zuma in 2015. None of them told me.”

Dudu Myeni vs Raymond Zondo – it went one way…

The testimony raised a wry chuckle from Raymond Zondo. The DCJ was given the runaround by Dudu Myeni earlier in the day, where she claimed that it was impossible for her to attend the Commission due to ‘family commitments’. After considering her options, the former SAA executive agreed to testify via Zoom – but it hasn’t gone well…

  • Despite refusing to name the third party to this meeting, Zondo was able to get to the bottom of things.

“As I understand it, the person you are not naming approached you and said Mr Tsotsi had some challenges and he’d like to meet with you. Is that correct? Then you agreed to that meeting? Then you are going to have to tell me who it is. So the person we know you are referring to is Jabu Maswanganye – he was referred to by two witnesses.”

  • Myeni’s response was true to form: Evasive, cagey… and even a little sarcastic.

“I don’t want to give any false statements here. I don’t have my notes. But my statements to the Commission and to Parliament is the oath I’ve take, and that is my honest answer. Mr. Tsotsi breached his role as chairperson, and I was discussing issues with him believing everything was above board. But he did ask me to facilitate a meeting with Zuma.”

“This commission loves Mr. Zuma, it really adores Mr. Zuma, even on matters that don’t concern him.” | Dudu Myeni

State Capture Inquiry latest news and updates

Unfortunately for Dudu Myeni, her standoffish attitude didn’t win her many plaudits online. The witness has been a top trend in South Africa all day, and she did little to get back onside with a skeptical public:


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