Hugh Grant Reflects on ‘Love Actually’ Dance Scene: ‘That’s Going to Be Excruciating’

Hugh Grant (A Very English Scandal) has a long and successful CV, but the conversation always seems to go back to Love Actually. He and some pals, including director Richard Curtis and co-star Colin Firth, sat down with the BBC for a chat, and his iconic dance scene as Britain’s Primer Minister came up, reports Variety. 

It’s been 15 years since the movie premiered, so if you need a reminder, here’s what they’re referring to:

What’s so wrong with that!? Looks good to us. But, of course, we’re on the other side of the camera. Apparently, Grant was dreading this scene and kept putting off rehearsing it, saying, “Oh, yeah, yeah, I’ve just… got to learn some lines. My ankle hurts today. It was never rehearsed.”

Firth reinforces the sentiment, saying, “I do remember him making a terrible fuss about the dance.”

And so does Curtis: “He hated the dance scene.”

Grant was so not looking forward to it, he thought to himself, “That’s going to be excruciating.” He got himself so worked up, going on to say, “It has the power to be the most excruciating scene ever committed to celluloid.”

Wow, he really felt strongly about this. Even so, he did pull it off. Curtis credits Grant’s getting through the scene without rehearsing to his “dirty behavior in discos across London. He turned out to be good at dancing.” Alas, another conversation that seems to come up, no matter how much Grant works to redeem himself.

Firth summed it all up saying, “It did delight everybody.”

This chat was pulled from the BBC documentary Hugh Grant: A Life on Screen, airing on December 23 via BBC Two in the U.K. There’s no word on the project being available stateside, but fingers crossed it heads this way at some point.

In the meantime, here’s a look at the conversation in its entirety:

Can you imagine Hugh Grant being so difficult back in the day?? Never!! 

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