Hoax or not?: Hitman tips eNCA journalist about alleged hit

eNCA journalist, Shahan Ramkissoon has alleged that he received death threats via a text from somebody ‘approached at a hostel”.

Ramkissoon broke the news to his over 50 000 followers on Twitter on Sunday night (13 June).


The Lead anchor wrote: “I’ve just received texts from someone saying they’ve been approached at a hostel to carry out a hit on me. He says it’s linked to my job and that I must watch my back wherever I go. I’m not sure if this is a real threat or a scam but how can I possibly live like this,” he wrote.


Some Twitter users felt that the threat is a hoax and that Shahan’s life is not in danger. Some also alleged that scammers trying to extort money from people send the very same message.

One user said, “This might be a scam someone is just intimidating you if this was someone from hostel those people don’t have time for texts they just do what they are told to do.”

While leading an anti-racism protest in Tokai, Cape Town, a handful of EFF supporters were seen intimidating eNCA crew members, chasing reporters away from the event, and using a sjambok to threaten them.

The EFF and eNCA aren’t on good terms, and that is putting it mildly. Ever since a bitter feud erupted in 2019 – where the broadcaster boycotted a party conference due to bans imposed on other media houses – the Red Berets have made no secret of their disdain for the channel. In turn, eNCA has been banned from speaking to EFF members.

In April, SABC journalist, Phanuel Shuma was forced to lay a charge of intimidation with the police on Thursday, 22 April 2021 after two murder-accused brothers – along with a prosecutor accused of bribery -, showed up at the SABC offices in Pretoria to “threateningly” air grievances about Shuma’s reporting of the case

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