Hilary Swank on New Space Exploration Series ‘Away’: ‘I Wanted to Be an Astronaut Before I Wanted to Be an Actor’

Hilary Swank (Trust) is set to star in the forthcoming Netflix series Away, premiering on September 4. As a child, Swank dreamt of becoming an astronaut and now it’s coming true on-screen.

In an interview with USA Today, she said, “I wanted to be an astronaut before I wanted to be an actor, which was about the age of nine. It still has the same feeling for me now as it did then, the whole idea of something bigger than us and the unknown. I still would love to go to space someday, but being an actor and playing an astronaut is second best.”

Her character is named Emma Green and is scheduled to go on a mission to explore Mars for… three years. She struggles with the idea of being away from her family for that long. But, we suppose it comes with the territory.

The first look trailer provides some background on the story and what we can expect:

[embedded content]

Green’s fellow astronaut makes a good point, reminding her, “Do you think you are the only one haunted by the sacrifices we’ve made?”

No one really likes working with a complainer, possibly she is the odd-astronaut-out. But, as the trailer progresses, it seems she gets it together. As well, these are life and death situations… there’s no time for moping.

The 10-part series is loosely based on Chris Jones’ 2014 Esquire article of the same name, which you can read here.

In addition to Swank, you can look for Josh Charles (The Good Wife), Talitha Bateman (Annabelle: Creation), Ato Essandoh (Jason Bourne), Mark Ivanir (The Terminal), Ray Panthaki (Marcella) and Vivian Wu (The Best Partner).

Is this something you can get into? 

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