Two people have been killed in a helicopter crash in the Umgeni River near the N2 freeway in Springfield Park.

Paramedics and rescue workers battled to access the helicopter crash site in the water to retrieve the two bodies.

The helicopter crashed into the Umgeni River near the Umgeni Road/ N2 freeway interchange just after 08:30 on Monday morning ALS paramedics spokesperson Garrith Jamieson said. 

Unconfirmed reports have indicated that the helicopter was a small aircraft ordinarily used to spray chemicals and that the two men who are reported to be aged between 30 and 40 were a pilot and student. 

“KZN VIP Medical Paramedics arrived on the scene to find that a helicopter had crashed into the Umgeni River near the N2 freeway. Advanced life Support Paramedics and a rescue team used a rope system and boats to try gain access to the patients in the thick swamp area,” Jamieson said,

“Once the two occupants were located they were assessed by paramedics however they had sustained fatal injuries and were declared deceased on the scene.  The area has been closed off by the police while recovery takes place and for investigations,” Jamieson said.

Watch the rescue operation here:

At this stage the events leading up to the crash are unknown however SAPS are on the scene and will be investigating further.

An unconfirmed report has indicated that a bird flew into the aircraft’s propellor and caused the helicopter crash.

Marshall Security community support spokesperson, Andreas Mathios, was one of the first responders at the scene of the helicopter crash. He said there was “absolute chaos” in the area of the helicopter crash. 


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