Grim discovery: Body of woman found ‘cut in half’ by Durban roadside
  • Warning: This article contains distressing photos of a crime scene in Durban, where a woman’s body (cut in half) was discovered today. Although the pictures have been censored, the content itself may be highly sensitive for some readers.

The KwaDabeka community in Durban has been left in total disbelief and horror on Thursday, after the body of a young woman was found mutilated by the roadside near Pinetown. The grim discovery was made earlier this morning – and it became apparent that the victim had been ‘cut in half’ by her assailant, before she was disposed of in separate bin bags.

KwaDabeka discovery: Woman found ‘cut in half’ by Durban roadside

The sickening crime has forced an immediate police response, with SAPS spokesperson Colonel Thembeka Mbele confirming that a murder investigation has already been launched. The discovery on Khulula Drive may be linked to the case of a woman who went missing from the KwaDabeka community over the weekend.

This was the unsettling scene in KwaDabeka earlier this afternoon. Mystery still surrounds the harrowing circumstances of this crime, as local police units battle to make an immediate arrest – Photo: @Shange033

Durban news – local sources suspect gender-based violence (GBV) to blame in Pinetown case

Sources on the ground believe that the victim’s boyfriend is responsible for her death, however, police are not drawing that conclusion just yet. One local resident expressed her fear, stating that ‘mothers and sisters are still not safe‘ from GBV.

Several passers-by noticed the oddly-shaped binbags when they walked near them. After a group wandered over for a closer look, they were left repulsed by the contests inside. The horrific circumstances behind this killing already have the local police force under pressure – as officers continue to trace the leads they have so far.

KwaDabeka Durban
The disgusting nature of this crime has left the local community shattered – Photo: Niqita11 / Twitter


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