Green list: SA travellers can now visit these 44 countries – quarantine-free!

With South Africa now in the grip of its third wave of COVID-19, those with the means to travel abroad will be pleased to know they’ve got a few dozen options to choose from. As of Friday 18 June, there are 44 ‘green list’ countries that permit travel to and from South Africa, with no quarantine requirement needed at either point of your destination.

Green list reveals unrestricted destinations for South Africans

This is likely to change in due course. COVID-19 cases are soaring in South Africa, but crucially, it would appear that this latest surge is not the dreaded ‘Delta Variant’. The mutation originally found in India is driving a resurgence in several major locations, but it seems that Mzansi has dodged this particular bullet.

However, the countries that feature on Skyscanner’s green list for South Africa won’t just wave any of us through. Many require you to provide negative PCR tests, and you’ll also be screened for symptoms at a majority of airports. Some places are also preparing to welcome visitors who are fully immunised against the virus.

Where can we travel to, quarantine-free?

The list is as comprehensive as we can get. There are still NINETY countries that haven’t provided guidance on whether South Africans can visit on a quarantine-free basis. A total of 29 countries have ‘moderate restrictions’ in place against Mzansi, whereas 84 government have imposed the strictest possible measures against SA travellers.

  • So if you’re ready to take flight, here’s where you can travel to as a South African, with an extremely high degree of freedom:
  1. Afghanistan
  2. Albania
  3. Armenia
  4. Aruba
  5. Bahamas
  6. Belize
  7. Benin
  8. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  9. Chad
  10. Colombia
  11. Costa Rica
  12. DR Congo
  13. Dominican Republic
  14. Ecuador
  15. Egypt
  16. El Salvador
  17. The Gambia
  18. Ghana
  19. Guinea-Bissau
  20. Guyana
  21. Iran
  22. Iraq
  23. Ivory Coast
  24. Kosovo
  25. Kenya
  26. Kyrgyzstan
  27. Lebanon
  28. Mali
  29. Mexico
  30. Moldova
  31. Montenegro
  32. Mozambique
  33. North Macedonia
  34. Namibia
  35. Nicaragua
  36. Paraguay
  37. Republic of Congo
  38. Senegal
  39. Serbia
  40. Somalia
  41. Tanzania
  42. Uganda
  43. Ukraine
  44. Venezuela

GREEN LIST MAP: Here’s where South Africans can travel ‘without needing to quarantine’

Here’s the global map of where South Africans CAN travel too, quarantine-free. Although destinations will require things like negative PCR tests and proof of vaccination, there is no requirement to self-isolate during any leg of the trip – Photo: Skyscanner


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