Things are getting ugly in Gauteng. The third wave isn’t messing about, and a rise in cases has been emphatic and exponential in this part of the country. Hospitals are filling up fast, and provincial officials have been forced to suspend visitors from seeing their loved ones. It’s a grim situation… but there is, at least, one significant exemption.

Gauteng hospital visitors: What are the exemptions?

According to the Gauteng Health Department, visitors CAN spend time with a patient, but it won’t be anything like the usual routine. As outlined by a recent statement, those coming during visiting hours will have to jump through hoops:

  • Only ONE person will be allowed to visit the infirmed.
  • They will only get 15 minutes to spend time on the ward.
  • Any exemptions must first be cleared with the attending doctor.

Health department lays down strict guidance

This horror scenario is the best that hospitals in Gauteng can offer friends, relatives, and well-wishers. Gauteng Health spokesperson Kwara Kekana wants to avoid any outcome where impatients could end up catching COVID-19 from outsiders, and he confirmed that visitors would have to follow some rather rigorous health protocols.

“Gauteng is currently experiencing the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and cases are increasing exponentially. This has put our public healthcare facilities under extreme pressure. As part of reducing the risk of our patients contracting the virus, visiting times for all healthcare facilities have been temporarily suspended.”

“In exceptional cases, only one visitor will be allowed and such a visitor cannot spend more than 15 minutes with the patient. The visit in question must be pre-arranged with the attending doctor. All visitors must be screened for temperature and for any COVID-19 symptoms, while they’ll also be asked to follow all relevant health protocols.”


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