Gauteng floods: Centurion left underwater following hectic rain [video]

Heavy, uncompromising rains have left parts of Gauteng submerged. Centurion has been the worst-hit area, with Midrand and Pretoria also experiencing the terrible aftermath of the downpours.

Flood waters have already reached waist-height in parts of Centurion. Photo: First Response

Gauteng floods – latest news from Centurion

Traffic authorities have warned against all non-essential travel through Centurion. The entire CBD has been enveloped by rainwater. Warnings have also been issued by road safety groups, who have reminded motorists that half of all flooding deaths occur in vehicles – as little as 12 inches of flowing water can sweep a car away.

Centurion flooding: Traffic updates on Monday 9 December

As far as we are aware, no deaths or serious casualties have been reported on Monday morning. But with torrents of water still gushing through the city, that may change later in the day. Unless you’re operating a submarine, the CBD is as good as inaccesible for commuters.

The following roads have been closed in Centurion:

  • Old Johannesburg Road;
  • Lyttelton Road;
  • Rabie Street;
  • End Street;
  • Lenchen Avenue;
  • West Street; and
  • Nellmapius Drive.

Widespread devastation on roads, buildings

The devastation is going to be widespread. Business premises have already reported damage to their operations, and several homes have been pummeled by flood water. The rain may have eased, but the ferocity of the downpours has taken its toll on road infrastructure and local buildings.

A rather apt street sign. Photo: Yusuf Abramjee

Monday is going to be a bleak day for locals, who have been left to pick up the pieces of this unholy storm. Emergency response crews are working round the clock to keep everyone safe.

We’ll have more updates on the situation as and when they come through.

The Centurion Hotel has been battered by the deluge. Photo: Yusuf Abramjee


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