G-Media Co-founders discuss how the company leverages Africa’s rich culture in its animation & advertising services

Hiruy Amanuel, the co-founder of G-Media Studios, says that the company stands out from competitors by staying true to its originating culture. The company is based out of East Africa, the eastern sub-region of the African continent, comprising 20 territories. Though the cultures making up East Africa are diverse, there are common characteristics that connect them. 

“We believe that African stories are best told by Africans so that the authenticity and the details are captured in the most original way. It’s quite different when you hear a story vs when you live the story” said Bereket Taffese, CEO & Co founder

About G-Media Studios

G-Media Studios, is based out of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Ethiopian animation and advertising studio was founded in 2018 by Bereket Taffese and Hiruy Amanuel. The two entrepreneurs realized the lack of production for quality, original, African content on popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video. After its founding, the company quickly developed a client list providing advertising services, which then allowed for the launch of their African-based animation studio. Amanuel and Taffese created G-Media Studios animation to enhance and drive more profound influence in the African market.  

G-Media Studios Services

In late 2019, after designing and implementing their animation services, G-Media Studios joined their business models to grow an animation and advertising studio targeting original African concepts and campaigns. G-Media Studios services now include advertising and building original 2D/3D animation content and products. Experts at G-Media Studios work with local and international corporate brands based in Africa, helping provide professional animation and advertising services that understand global trends and corporate branding. G-Media Studios’ content also stands out above others by integrating Africa’s rich culture filled with stories and folklore into their creation of various characters, scripts, and series. In the future, the company plans to have its characters adopted into TV, movies, books, and games by ultimately partnering with content publishing platforms such as Netflix, DSTV, Amazon Prime, etc. 

G-Media Studios and the Ethiopian Airlines Mobile App Ad 

Ethiopian Airlines chose to utilize G-Media Studios’ services for the production of the airline’s first & second advertisement for their new Ethiopian Airlines Mobile App which recently hit 1 million downloads and is the first airline application to do so. The airline has been active in the travel industry for more than seventy years and is now focused on modernizing with technology growth.” We are proud of the success this app has had behind our marketing efforts with the ET Go-Digital Campaign,” said Bereket, G-Media Studios CEO & Co-founder. 

G-Media Studio’s team takes viewers through the entire usage process of the Ethiopian Airlines Mobile App from booking a flight to going through the crowded and fast-paced streets of Addis Ababa to the airport, and even utilizing the app’s benefits in the airport all the way to the seat on the plane. 

Shot and produced in Ethiopia, the ad follows the life of a merchant who manages to book a last-minute flight with the help of Ethiopian Airlines’ phone app. G-Media Studios integrated even more of Africa’s rich culture by selecting music that plays an unmistakable African beat, contributing to further supporting Ethiopian Airlines’ roots. 

“Besides staying true to its African roots through its services, G-Media Studios is unique from other multimedia companies as its team of experts strive to go the extra mile to bring clients detailed processes for its services that integrate and an additional level of transparency and customer service,” said Hiruy Amanuel, G-Media Studios co-founder. 

About Bereket Taffese

Bereket Taffese is a passionate entrepreneur dedicated to growing the creative industry in Africa. By creating a space for young and talent African’s who want to explore their potential in the 2D/3D animation space, as well as fields like graphic designs, motion graphics and visual arts; he continuously strives to drive the demand for local talent and companies like G-Media. . 

About Hiruy Amanuel

Hiruy Amanuel is a dedicated philanthropist and angel investor who has invested in several educational and technological initiatives in East Africa. By increasing access to quality education and technological resources, he hopes to drive the rapid development of groundbreaking technologies throughout the Horn of Africa.


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