Five firefighters have reportedly been injured on duty while battling the dreaded Cape Town fire that started on Sunday. The blaze left parts of the University of Cape Town campus completely gutted.

Three firefighters are reportedly from the City of Cape Town and two others are from the NCC Environmental Services. A statement on the Working on Fire (WOF) Facebook Page stated that three helicopters were deployed in ongoing efforts to extinguish the fire.


“WOF has deployed three helicopters that will be operational for at least the next hour. Firefighting efforts will be focused on Deer Park and around the Disa Towers. We are preparing to deploy other teams for mop up operations to relieve current teams on the fire line. Firefighters have also been deployed to the Table Mountain near the cable way and are suppressing the fire in the area.”

“There are no visible flames at present but this could change depending on weather conditions.”

No further structures have been reported as being damaged by the fire and roads near the fire are still closed pending the cleaning of fire debris.

#WOF_WC #CapeTownFires UPDATE: WOF has deployed three helicopters that will be operational for at least the next hour….

Posted by Working on Fire on Tuesday, April 20, 2021

By midnight on Monday, the fire was still raging below and above Tafelberg Road with the M3 and Dewaal Road remaining closed. The weather on Tuesday was ideal for the aerial support to resume with fire extinguishing operations, as strong winds hampered efforts on Monday.


According to Working on Fire, approximately 90% of the fire has been contained with an estimated 652 hectares burned up to this point. Multiple mop-up operations will reportedly follow in the coming days.

A firefighter speaking from the line of fire said the wind directions could change at any moment, taking the fire either towards them or away from firefighters.

On Monday, firefighters were battling strong winds but according to reports most of the fire has been contained.

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