Hell hath no fury like Ted Blom after a week of load shedding. The senior energy analyst has put all of his cards on the table on Friday, accusing Eskom of ‘secretly implementing Stage 6 load shedding’ in some parts of the country.

Stage 6 by stealth? Expert rages at ‘lying’ Eskom

Ted decided to drop his ‘Blomshells’ following an online poll last night. The expert was bombarded with complaints about load shedding schedules going on for MUCH longer than initially billed yesterday. Furthermore, through his own research, Blom is now adamant that Eskom have been lying about the severity of the nationwide power outages…

  • Residents of Sandton and Edenvale were hit by a schedule much more severe than Level 2 on Thursday.
  • In fact, the power cuts were so severe in parts of Gauteng, Blom suspects a ‘Level 6 schedule’ was secretly in place.
  • From anecdotal evidence, complaints about ‘longer than advertised load shedding’ flooded in from across the country.

Load shedding latest – some regions report 12-hour blackouts

Blom also took his grievances to the airwaves. In an interview with eNCA on Friday, he repeated his claims that Stage 6 load shedding has been inflicted on some unsuspecting members of the public, and likened Eskom’s approach to ‘a bag of Liquorice All Sorts’. However, there’s nothing sweet about the sorry situation involving our electricity grid.

“There is more than Stage 2 load shedding going off here. I’ll categorically say Eskom is lying to us. Some areas have reached Stage 6 according to the schedules, they are all over the place, it’s like a bag of Liquorice All Sorts.”

“From Friday, Eskom can recover over the weekend. They ran out of additional diesel reserves by Tuesday, and they have not come forth with the truth about load shedding levels. Some places are having it for 12 hours a day, it’s happening more than once a day elsewhere – even Sandton got five hours of cuts yesterday. Eskom needs to call people in who can help.”


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