Eviction notice: ANC give Magashule, corrupt cadres ’30 days to step down’

We knew we’d get fireworks from the conclusion of the ANC NEC’s meeting on Monday night – but Cyril Ramaphosa may have just given us a pyrotechnic display for the ages. The president has confirmed that the party is laying down the law for its badly behaved members – giving the likes of Ace Magashule a strict deadline to adhere to.

Ace Magashule latest: Cyril Ramaphosa talks tough on ‘RET Forces’

In a defiant statement, Ramaphosa responded to criticism about his ‘softly, softly’ approach to an emerging faction in the party. In fact, the head of state made it clear that the NEC meeting agreed no ANC member should associate themselves with, or be involved in, the so-called ‘RET Forces’. However, corruption-accused cadres also came in for a lashing.

Cyril told the briefing that all members ‘accused or charged with corruption’ have 30 days in which to step aside – otherwise, implicated members will be forcibly suspended. We will have more on these developments on Tuesday.

President issues ’30-day warning’ for corruption-accused members

“All members who have been charged with corruption or other serious crimes must step aside within 30 days, failing which they should be suspended in terms of Rule 25.70 of the ANC Constitution. The meeting emphasised that the 30 day period will be to enable the implementation of the decision in line with the guidelines, not to review the decision.”

“The NEC welcomed the decision by Ace Magashule to use this time to seek the counsel of past leaders of the movement. It was also agreed that the Provincial Chairpersons and Secretaries would meet with the National Officials during that time to further refine the guidelines to ensure the resolution can be effectively and practically implemented.”


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