The EFF People’s Assembly is in full swing at Nasrec Expo Centre in Johannesburg. The party is expected to elect new leadership and the posts secretary-general and deputy president are expected to be the most contested positions.

“Fellow fighters, we are the disruption to an evil system that is maintained on the backs of our mothers and fathers, a system that is maintained with the blood of our children, in the education and the corporate sector.”

Julius Malema, EFF People’s Assembly.

EFF People’s Assembly: Political Report by CIC Julius Malema

Speaking at the EFF People’s Assembly on Saturday 14 December, began by welcoming delegates from EFF branches across the country and international guests to the “historic 2nd national people’s assembly of the EFF.” He added:

“It is a people’s assembly because it represents the dreams and the will of the people. It is a people’s assembly because the organisation has gathered its most important voices to provide direction to the only socialist alternative in South Africa”.

He explained that the EFF People’s Assembly will ” reflect on the road we have travelled since the 1st national assembly”, adding that it’s also an opportunity for leaders of the party to be held accountable.

He also set a moment aside to pay tribute to the late Winnie Madikizela Mandela, crediting her for the party’s “fearlessness, courage and conviction.”

“When others were hiding and running away in fear of the oppressive, murderous and nonsensical apartheid regime, Mama Winnie Madikizela Mandela stood firm and fought against the apartheid regime. While she was never a member of the EFF, what we remember about her is her shouting “VIVA THE ECONOMIC FREEDOM FIGHTERS VIVA,” and it is that battle cry that gives us courage to fight on with no fear of contradiction or self-doubt.”

EFF People’s Assembly: Structures and leadership

Malema explained that the EFF People’s Assembly is “tasked with giving the organisation a renewed mandate for our future struggle for economic freedom.”

He added the party will review documents which guide the organisation, as well as the structures put in place to lead the party, and the “strategic and tactical direction our vehicle for change will take over the next five years”.

“It is this assembly that will reflect on the policy perspectives of the organisation, and the state of the nation in general and provide a fresh mandate to a new leadership collective. It is this assembly that will arm the next generation of Economic Freedom Fighters with the tools to fight the racist and capitalist establishment and to free our people from poverty.”

The fight against white supremacy

Malema said this generation of Economic Freedom Fighters will fight “the wrongs that have determined the life of a black child since the day that criminal called Jan van Riebeek set foot on our beautiful land.”

“It is since that fateful day in 1652 that the lives of our people changed for the worst. Colonialism not only stripped us of our land, but of our dignity and our identity. It is the arrogant assumption of white supremacy that has harmed Africa and its children for centuries and that has resulted in us being dependent on those who exploit us.

He added that the scars of colonialism and apartheid live on and that the failure to undo the “ownership patterns of our economic and the failure to give back the land […] has resulted in people having political rights but no economic freedom.”

“This lack of economic freedom has meant that the evils of colonialism and apartheid have not been reversed. It has meant that our political rights have had no effect on the arrogance of white supremacy. […] It has led to South African women cleaning the flushing toilets and brick walls of white people by day, and using pit toilets while staying in shacks at night.”


Presh JM Reporter

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