It’s the morning after an evening of surreal drama. Yes, former president Jacob Zuma has been admitted to jail overnight – but even a 15-month prison sentence hasn’t dampened his purportedly ‘high spirits’.

How Jacob Zuma ended up in jail

The 79-year-old was transported to Escourt Prison in KZN via a motorcade in the early hours of Wednesday morning. After a solid week of protests, gatherings, and tense situations outside of Nkandla, Zuma eventually ran out of hiding places. With the clock ticking down to a midnight deadline, Msholozi finally gave up the ghost.

According to his eponymous foundation, it was Zuma who decided to hand himself over to the cops, allegedly to avoid the threat of any ‘bloodshed’ between law enforcement officials and his loyal supporters.

Msholozi laughs his way to prison cell

Despite heading for his first night in Escourt, Zuma was reportedly in ‘high spirits’ during the journey. His daughter, Dudu Zuma-Sambudla, has been a prominent figure online since ConCourt sentenced her father to incarceration on 30 June.

According to her, uBaba wasn’t particularly fazed by what was going on, and even cracked a few jokes after leaving Nkandla. He’s said to have quipped about his old overalls from Robben Island, while also acknowledging his previous struggles with Afrikaans. Well, we suppose he’ll need that trademark sense of humour to get through this.

“Just spoke to [Jacob Zuma] en route. He’s still in high spirits. He said he hopes they still have his same overalls from Robben Island. We laughed hard that at least he won’t struggle with Afrikaans this time round! We salute dad! Amandla.”


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