South African DJs Fresh and Euphonik have pledged to step aside from their work engagements after a complaint of rape was laid against them on Wednesday. An unnamed woman took to social media alleging that she was drugged by the pair and raped by one or both of them. 


On Saturday morning 16 January 2021, DJ Fresh released a brief statement on Twitter. 

It read; “In light of the serious allegations levelled against us, we’ve decided to step away from all public work engagements until such time that this matter has been resolved and the law has taken its course.” 

DJs Fresh and Euphonik

Primedia Broadcasting CEO Geraint Crwys-Williams, whose media portfolio includes the station that employs Fresh and Euphonik said the following earlier this week; 

“We take these matters extremely seriously and apply a rigorous, systematic internal process to assess them. We are awaiting substantiation of the current information from the relevant authorities. Once we have this, we will respond accordingly.”


Also on Saturday, around the same time DJs Fresh and Euphonik released a statement, Primedia aired their views. 

“947 and Primedia Broadcasting have engaged with DJ Fresh (Thato Sikwane) and Euphonik (Themba Nkosi) regarding the alleged sexual assault charges levelled against them. We take these matters extremely seriously and apply a rigorous, systematic internal process to assess them.” 

Primedia Broadcasting

“Primedia broadcasting, DJ Fresh and Euphonik have reached a mutual agreement decision for both DJs to come off air in order to focus on addressing this matter”. 

Primedia Broadcasting

The complainant on social media said the following; 

“Will you ever acknowledge drugging me & further raping me? I was [completely] drugged. I don’t [know] whether you BOTH raped me, or if one of you did – and you later laughed about it the next morning saying we (me and three girls) were so drunk we kept blacking out but nasidlwengula.”

She further alleged that she was a virgin when it took place. 

In 2020, Ntsiki Mazwai claimed DJ Fresh raped her. She, however, had to delete the tweets after a court said she did not have enough evidence to back her claim. 


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