Director Tom Hooper Responds to ‘Cats’ Backlash

Moviegoers have been in quite a tizzy over the feline look of the actors in the forthcoming Cats. Or, for that matter, the actors — including Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, Jennifer Hudson and Taylor Swift — not looking feline enough, having human noses and CGI’d fur. Aghast!

Director Tom Hopper (The King’s Speech) has stepped in to share his thoughts on the matter, saying, “I was just so fascinated because I didn’t think it was controversial at all,” reports Empire Online. 

We agree! The response on social media was intense.

Hopper went on to say, “So it was quite entertaining.”

We agree, again! It just kept going.

Hopper made a great point in saying, “Cats was apparently the number-one trending topic in the world, for a good few hours at least.”

He’s on a roll, all great points.

And, making an even stronger case, he explained production wasn’t complete: “We’d only finished shooting in March, so all the visual effects [in the trailer] were at quite an early stage, possibly there were, in the extremity in some of the responses, some clues in how to keep evolving [the production].”

It sounds like Hopper took the fans’ reactions into consideration, and we may be seeing some cat noses in the future. Not sure if they can go back in and add fur at this point, though.

He ended on this note: “When you watch the finished film, you’ll see that some of the designs of the cats have moved on since then, and certainly our understanding of how to use the technology to make them work has gone up, too.”

And, in case you missed it, here’s a look at the trailer (causing all this fuss):

Cats is made-up of an all-star cast, including, but not limited to Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, Idris Elba, Taylor Swift, Rebel Wilson, Jennifer Hudson and James Corden. The movie will be in theaters on December 20.

Do you think the internet can “forgive” Tom Hopper?

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