Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning to Play Sisters in ‘The Nightingale’ Movie

Sisters Dakota and Elle Fanning both starred in the 2001 movie I Am Sam, with Elle playing the younger version of Dakota’s character Lucy. But, they didn’t actually appear on-screen together.

This time around, the Fanning girls are set to star opposite each other in the forthcoming The Nightingale movie, reports ComingSoon.net. Based on Kristin Hannah‘s 2015 novel, the actresses will portray estranged sisters Vianne and Isabelle.

The story is set in France, right before the outbreak of WWII. Vianne’s husband is drafted, leaving her to fend for herself and their small daughter. But, rather than only looking out for her and her daughter’s welfare, Vianne gives Jewish children safety and shelter from German persecution. Isabelle, on the other hand, becomes involved in the resistance, earning her the name “Nightingale.” Her main initiative is to help downed airmen get to the British embassy to be repatriated.

She’s on the German military’s watch list.

The Fanning sisters released a statement about starring together for the first time, saying, “For years, we have looked for a film to do with one another and then this gem appeared. As sisters, to share our artistry with each other while bringing such a powerful sister story to life is a dream come true.”

They also gave a shout-out to their director, saying, “We are so lucky to have our fearless director, Melanie Laurent, to guide us along on the journey. Let’s do this, sister!!”

Aw, that’s nice.

The Nightingale is in pre-production, there’s no premiere date as of yet.

Are you excited to see these two on-screen together?

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