Confirmed: Yet another tremor has hit Gauteng on Tuesday

We’re starting to get the feeling that the tectonic plates beneath us are upset about something. But, for the fourth time in the past two weeks, a significant tremor has hit South Africa. This latest ‘quake’ was recorded in Gauteng, shortly after midday on Tuesday 13 October. This also follows a seismic event recorded in the area at the beginning of the month.

Gauteng tremor confirmed on Tuesday 13 October:

The Council for Geosciences has confirmed that a minor quake, registering 2.9 on the Richter Scale, did shake Gauteng at precisely 12:01 today. The rumble lasted for a few seconds, but it was significant enough to be detected by the geological experts. However, this event will stay classified as a tremor, rather than an earthquake.

Anything below 4.0 in magnitude is generally classed as a tremor. But still, the authorities have revealed more about this seismic event. They have pinpointed the epicentre at a location between Roodepoort and Randfontein. Those in western parts of Gauteng are likely to have felt movement underfoot, and some will have noticed homes & small structures shaking.

Locating the epicentre

Social media reacts to Gauteng tremor

Interestingly enough, this was slightly stronger than the tremor that rocked the province earlier in October. What is more, it even outdid the small-scale quake seen in Cape Town over a fortnight ago. This latest event may not have been a full-on earthquake, but the earth certainly moved for a number of citizens in the region…


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