Julius Malema has given a fiery address on Sunday evening, after visiting the family of Mthokozisi Ntumba. The Johannesburg local was shot dead on Wednesday, as police conducted a heavy-handed response to the Wits protests. Students involved in the demonstrations were also injured by rubber bullets – prompting the EFF to make a major call.

Julius Malema hits out at Bheki Cele, SAPS

The Red Berets, furious with the brutal treatment faced by the youngsters this week, have also been hyper-critical of Bheki Cele. South Africa’s serving Police Minister has been accused of ‘lying’ to the Ntumba family, after allegedly backing away from a promise to help the family organise a funeral. Malema confirmed the EFF would now fund the memorial service.

Indeed, Juju took a massive swipe at Cele, saying the family should have told him to ‘voetsek’ at their gate.

No more rubber bullets? EFF lay down the law

However, Malema’s most sweeping statement proposed a major change to the laws of the land. He wants the Constitutional Court to outlaw the use of rubber bullets at protests – and set his case out earlier today…

“Bheki Cele knows nothing about policing. He doesn’t know who the head of Crime Intelligence is! This one is responsible for the killing of Mthokozisi Ntumba and Ramaphosa is responsible for the Marikana killings. They are in the same WhatsApp group… and if the protesting students need our back-up, they must just call. We are ready to run.”

“The government has no respect for black people. We now want ConCourt to declare the use of rubber bullets as unconstitutional. Why do you shoot them at protesters? These cops are in bed with criminals who are selling drugs, and raping our mothers. But they shoot at the person asking for free education. Our children must never give up this fight.”


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