CoCT deploys ground teams to monitor COVID-19 compliance as infections surge

The City of Cape Town (CoCT) says in addition to monitoring COVID-19 compliance from the air, it’s also deployed ground teams in a bid to prevent further transmission of COVID-19.

This, as the Cape Metro recorded an 87% increase in COVID-19 infections over the last week.

Mayoral Committee member for Safety and Security, JP Smith, says adhering to safety regulations is important amid the second surge of infections.

“We were looking at what we are doing in our communities at the moment, we are having to take every possible action to reduce the amount of COVID infections so both from the air and from the ground we are loud hailing, asking people to please observe a safe social distance, avoid large gatherings, wear their masks.”

The City deployed a helicopter Saturday to get a bird’s eye view of a rather sparsely populated section of the False Bay Coastline.

Residents appeal for everyone to comply

Some residents, such as like Xolani Williams, say they have cancelled their holidays outside the city.

“We are at loggerheads now, they want to go and I’m trying to keep them, that’s why I chose to drive around today and take them to this place because COVID-19 is real, and I’ve seen it. I also lost my brother last of last week in PE. I was at a funeral and I left on a Saturday back to Cape Town and that’s the Saturday he passed away.”

Another, Omar Titus, has appealed to people to wear masks and to adhere to social distancing measures.

“As a family, we try not to gather all together, that’s why the children are not with us today and the grandchildren. We also all take separate turns with the families out, so the children and their children will go out, and we will go out and we do everything via Skype.”

The City has urged residents and visitors to comply with COVID-19 safety measures to prevent a harder lockdown.

Strict control measures in Durban

Authorities in Durban meanwhile, have set up roadblocks at various points in and out the city.  

Spokesperson for the city’s Metro Police, Parboo Sewpersad, says vehicles entering the beachfront are also being stopped and searched.

All beaches in KwaZulu-Natal will be closed on Christmas Day and the 26th of December. KwaZulu-Natal beaches will also be closed from New Year’s Eve to 3 January 2021.

Sewpersad says the number of beachgoers are relatively low compared to previous years.

“I can confirm that all the beaches in Durban along the coastline of eThekwini were opened at 09h00 this morning and beaches currently are relatively quiet. The beaches are expected to close at 18h00 this afternoon.  All systems with integrated deployments are in place from the DBN Metro police. The inner and outer cordon are also in place with excess control.”


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