Centurion Lake Hotel: A look at the damage caused by the floods [photo]

The rain has dried up and much like most parts of Tshwane, the Centurion Lake Hotel has been left abandoned in a desolate condition.

The sun peered out of the lingering clouds that hover above the city, on Wednesday, with the promise of drying the land after days of heavy torrential conditions that swept away people’s homes and destroyed buildings.

Centurion Lake Hotel was affected the most. The hotel, which overlooks the Centurion Lake, has not revealed the extent of the damage as yet, but looking at the photos below, one can easily estimate that it will cost millions of rand to restore it to its former glory.

A look inside Centurion Lake Hotel

The scenes of panic outside the hotel, on Monday, were quite dramatic. Holidaymakers were trapped inside the building as the streams of flooding rain gushed in, making it impossible to exit through the entry ways of the hotel.

The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) was call in to assist with extracting people with a helicopter, while EMS medics were forced to swim through the Hennops Diver to the hotel to try and rescue some people.

Ultimately, the rescue operation was successful and no casualties were reported. The Centurion Lake Hotel has remained closed until further notice.

These are just some of the photos shared by eNCA reporter, Heidi Giokos, on Twitter:

centurion lake hotel
Photo: Heidi Giokos / TW
centurion lake hotel
Photo: Heidi Giokos / TW

This image was taken at Bidvest Car Rental, which is located right next to the Centurion Lake Hotel.

Centurion weather update: Wednesday, 11 December

Conditions remain uncertain in Tshwane. While for the most part, partly cloudy conditions are expected from Wednesday until Sunday, there is still the threat of light-to-moderate rainfall.

Rescue services will be on standby to contain any rainfall that hits as hard as it did these past few days but with chances of showers ranging between 15 – 5%, Tshwane locals should have little to worry about.


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