Casting News: Rachel Weisz Is Set to Star in ‘Dead Ringers’ TV Series

We’ll be getting a double dose of Rachel Weisz in the forthcoming Dead Ringers TV series, heading to Amazon. It’s based off of David Cronenberg‘s 1988 movie starring Jeremy Irons.

Weisz is set to take the lead/s, starring as the Mantle twins. According to the description, they share everything, including drugs, lovers and their desire to push the boundaries of medical ethics, shared by Empire Online. Apparently their research is pioneering but very much illegal.

It appears these twins will be doctors, too, like in the original film.

We can thank Weisz for coming up with the idea to adapt the movie for TV. She is working with Normal People‘s Alice Birch, who will be writing the script. Annapurna Television and Amazon are on board to co-create the series. Morgan Creek Entertainment, who was behind the original movie, will also be pitching in, reports Deadline. 

If you haven’t seen the original, Irons stars as twin brothers who are both gynecologists. They do the ol’ switcheroo trick, knowing people can’t tell them apart. The brothers are very close, but their relationship begins to unravel when they both become interested in the same woman:

[embedded content]

We can also look for Weisz in the superhero flick Black Widow, premiering November 6. Filming is completed, with Weisz starring as Melina Vostokoff, opposite Scarlett Johansson in the title role.

With Dead Ringers in the early stages, there’s no release date as of yet. But, we’re liking what’s rolling out so far.

Are you excited for two Rachel Weiszs in one place? 

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