Cape Town weather forecast: When will it rain again in the fire-ravaged city?

After a grim 24 hours or so for the Mother City, some people are now turning to the Cape Town weather forecast for relief. Fire continues to rage across the base of Table Mountain, as several neighbourhoods were forced to evacuate the ferocious flames. However, desperate locals still have a *little* way to go yet before rain can ease the situation.

Fire latest: Weather forecast leaves CPT residents holding on

According to weather forecasts from both Ventusky and, the chances of rain falling on Sunday 25 April are very high indeed. The latest projections show that up to 20mm of rain could fall in Cape Town in six days’ time – but as it stands, there will be no rainfall before this date.

Whether the massive blaze will be extinguished by Sunday remains to be seen. This could well be too little, too late. But at the very least, this downpour gives Capetonians hope that the elements will calm things down by the end of the week.

Cape Town weather forecast for the next seven days

The first droplets of rain will make landfall at around 4:00 on Sunday morning. From there, intermittent and significant showers will come and go throughout the rest of the day, persisting in the early hours of Monday. As detailed by Ventusky, the deluge is set to be at its most severe by mid-afternoon, before another sustained lashing comes down after 22:00.

Photo: Ventusky

When will it rain again – and how much will land?

By the start of Monday 26 April, some areas in the Cape Town Municipality will have received over 30mm rain for the weekend. The centre of the Mother City will get a little less than that, but it’s still enough to dampen the embers of a fire that has caused so much damage and devastation in such a short period of time…

Cape Town weather forecast fire 1
Photo: Ventusky

Cape Town fire update – officials ‘almost certain’ it’s now CONTAINED

Truly, hope already seems to be on the horizon. Cape Town fire and rescue operations manager Arlene Wehr has confirmed that the inferno is now ‘largely under control’ – with flames now confined to one specific area:

“The situation is now largely under control in Cape Town. We’re just monitoring the wind situation, the weather forecast, and if there are any changes, we will call in additional resources.”


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