Cape Town dam levels smash more records: Here’s the five-year comparison

What a glorious time this is for the Cape Town dam levels: The threat of drought seems a million miles away at the moment, as the day zero panic of yesteryear is relegated to the memory vaults. We’ve got some more cheerful news to bring you on Monday 24 August, as the facilities continue to top-up their reserves.

Latest Cape Town dam levels for Monday 24 August

The water levels now stand at a combined 88% full. A 4% increase has consolidated the record-breaking progress made last week, and according to the city’s published data, more milestones have been reached in the past few days.

  • Only three times in the last decade have the Cape Town dam levels found themselves more than seven-eighths full.
  • At 88%, this is the highest recorded water level in the Mother City since the end of 2014.
  • Theewaterskloof Dam, the largest of all facilities in the Western Cape, is at its fullest point in six years.
  • The seven minor dams which service Cape Town – from Table Mountain to Simon’s Town – are now 91.7% full.

Five-year comparison for the Cape Town dam levels – from 2016 – 2020

Three dams are between 95% – 100% full, whereas no dam is less than 84% full. Theewaterskloof is 13% better off than it was at this point in 2019, and over three-and-a-half times fuller than it was in August 2017.

Photo: COCT

Could the dams reach 100% in 2020?

It’s also likely that the 90% mark will be breached at some point this week, with two separate rain forecasts given out for the south-west. Although reaching full capacity remains a possibility, any chance of the levels hitting 100% this year remains hopeful rather than practical.


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