Breaking: Hostage situation unfolding at pensions office in Durban CBD

Tense scenes are developing in the Durban CBD on Thursday afternoon, with multiple law enforcement agencies and medical teams responding to what is understood to be a hostage situation inside a building on Anton Lembede Street. Paramedics on scene have told reporters that a suspect inside the building – which houses a Government Employee Pension Fund (GEPF) office – is armed with weapons and explosives, with hostages believed to be held captive.

Early reports suggest that the suspect is an aggrieved former government employee, who is currently demanding money from the office workers. It is reported that members of the Durban K9 unit have entered the building where the man is believed to have explosives strapped to himself.

Durban hostage situation unfolding in CBD

South African Police Service (SAPS) spokesperson Colonel Thembeka Mbele said that updates will follow shortly, with SAPS en route to the scene that unfolded shortly after 14:30 on Thursday 10 June.

“There is a hostage situation at Anton Lembede street. There it just happened almost an hour ago. On my way to the scene. Will update,” she said briefly.

Police have now closed off part of Anton Lembede Street, and urged the public to stay clear of the area as the situation unfolds.

This is a developing story.


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