Julius Malema indicated that he would be ‘the first person’ to take a COVID-19 vaccine if it was available – but the EFF leader’s views on immunisation aren’t exactly black and white. Malema is relatively critical of the pharmaceutical production of these jabs, even though he firmly believes that this is the only route out of the pandemic.

What is Julius Malema’s opinion on vaccines?

To put it bluntly, the 39-year-old is pro-vaccine. He reminded his followers that several nasty diseases, such as smallpox and polio, have been eradicated by inoculations. However, one of his issues centres around the people involved in vaccine production. Tech billionaire Bill Gates has funded a lot of research – but this doesn’t impress Juju:

“Individuals such as Bill Gates only serve to further suspicion around critical medicine and vaccines, as profit-orientated people like him should have no place in matters of societal good such as medicine.”

“We further call for the role of billionaires in medical research and messaging to be decisively called out and undermined. We as the EFF do not have any more money to give to the Solidarity Fund. We have tried. So where is the money of Johann Rupert, the Oppenheimers, and Patrice Motsepe?”

Julius Malema

EFF leader slams ‘selfish’ conspiracy theories

Another factor that has riled Julius Malema is the ‘monopolisation’ of western medicine. He believes that there is also room for traditional treatments – such as the Madagascan herbal tea that the island rolled out last April – to be considered alongside the solutions presented by ‘Big Pharma’. Again, this does not signify a rejection of the vaccine from Malema.

He viciously ripped apart the conspiracy theorists of South Africa, branding them ‘self-centred’. He also took a dim view on comments made by Mogoeng Mogoeng. The Chief Justice previously mentioned that the vaccine could ‘put the mark of the devil’ inside those who take it. Julius Malema, however, has branded these ramblings as ‘religious extremism’.

“Stop spreading rumors about the vaccine. There is no 666 vaccine. You drink western medicine and then want to tell us about the 666 vaccine? Let us not fight medicine. Medicine is not the enemy. Let us not fight science. Vaccinations have played a critical role in eradicating disease throughout various epochs in the history of humanity.”

“We condemn all unscientific and nonsensical conspiracy theories that seek to suggest vaccines are part of an agenda for population control. Religious extremism, and self-centered conspiracies must be undermined wherever they rear their ugly heads. We also call for the fast-tracking of regulation around traditional medicine by the SAHRA.”

Julius Malema


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