Armed robbery at Cape Gate Mall – Here’s what we know

Reports from several sources confirmed that an armed robbery took place at Cape Gate Mall in Brackenfell on Wednesday evening, 21 April 2021. As per a community news page on Facebook:

“SAPS are on the scene and still gathering information. Will update as soon as [more information] is available.”

Armed robbery at Cape Gate Mall, 21 April 2021

Active armed robbery targeting Foschini

As reported by RTC South Africa, the incident took place at approximately 18:40 on Wednesday evening. Robbers targeted Foschini, American Swiss and Markhams.

The suspects fled in a black Nissan Navara with a CCD registration number. While this information has not been confirmed, one netizen posted the following update on Twitter:

“Apparently, it was an active robbery. Five guys stole phones from Foschini. They had guns, but no one was shot it seems, so that is at least good news. That was definitely an adrenaline kick I didn’t need”.

Eyewitness accounts

An employee at the mall said on social media that their shift ended approximately 15 before the shooting. The employee’s colleagues informed them of the robbery while they were “hiding in the office”.

One Facebook user said they were walking around the Cape Gate mall when they noticed “all the shop doors were closed and the staff were standing, watching the passageway”. The netizen added:

“We asked the ladies at the door of Jet what was happening and they told us they were shooting… We had not heard it…. They let us in and we waited inside the store until it was safe to leave”.

Cape Gate employees kept shoppers safe

The user explained they saw police vans outside after the active armed robbery and said her daughter reportedly “heard from [an employee] that 5 armed guys robbed Foschini […] and American Swiss”.

Another user expressed concern for employees at the mall. One netizen said her “tummy [is] in all kinds of knots tonight. […] The staff at Limnos Bakers kept us calm and safe by locking their doors”.


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