‘Any car… but that one’: Cape hijackers choose worst possible vehicle to steal

Three Western Cape hijackers were left red-faced on Monday, after their attempt to steal a car got them arrested. But the boys only have themselves to blame, as they essentially cut out the middleman for a local security team.

Three hijackers target the worst car possible

The trio aged 18, 23, and 25 are expected to appear in Athlone Magistrate Court this week on charges of attempted hijacking, common robbery, and assault. That’s because they tried to carjack a specialist vehicle occupied by two security officials – and ended up paying the ultimate, if not most predictable, price.

After the three stooges gave chase to the car in Philippi, the security experts were able to ‘pounce’ on the suspects, following a prior assault on one of the motorists. However, the thirst for more proved to be this group’s undoing – and they soon learned that they couldn’t have picked a worst car to try and steal.

Western Cape SAPS confirm arrests, upcoming court dates

A statement from SAPS confirms that the Toyota Avanza belonging to the security team remains in their possession, and the bag belonging to one of the officials has been safely returned. Meanwhile, these hijackers have a date in the dock to look forward to – and for their sakes, it’s a good job ‘stupidity’ can’t be added to their charge sheets.

“Three suspects were arrested on Monday morning while attempting to hijack a Toyota Avanza belonging to a security company in Amsterdam Road in Browns Farm. Reports indicate the driver of the vehicle had just picked up a colleague in Browns Farm when his vehicle was blocked by two other vehicles.”

“Police deployed to curb hijackings in the hotspots of Browns Farm, Philippi pounced on the suspects while they were chasing the driver and his colleague. The suspects had earlier assaulted the driver and took the colleague’s bag. The suspects were then arrested and the vehicle they were driving in seized.”


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