Another LGBTQI+ hate crime? Artist Aubrey Boshoga brutally killed in Jozi

Aubrey Boshoga, an SA artist, socialite and South African Airways (SAA) cabin crew member, was viciously stabbed and dumped outside his home in Johannesburg over the weekend.

Friends, colleagues and loyal followers have since paid tribute to Boshoga, while others have labelled his death as yet another “hate crime” in relation to LGBTQI identity. 


African Aviators posted on Instagram about the loss of Aubrey Boshoga. On Sunday, it said; “It is with great sadness that we have the unpleasant duty of informing you all of South African Airways Cabin Crew Aubrey Boshoga’s sudden passing.”

“Our Dearest friend Member of African Aviators page Audrey Boshoga was stabbed nine times to death, his body was dumped in front of his home in Johannesburg. We are so devastated and we will continue to pay tribute to this steller gentleman who didn’t deserve to die young. Let justice be done,” it added.  

It went on to say that SAA has lost an outstanding cabin member through his high level of energy, strict sense of equity, team spirit and unrivalled work ethic. 

“Aubrey carried himself with kindness throughout his life, he touched so many people’s hearts through the love he demonstrated,” it said. 

When The South African contacted SAA for comment on Aubrey Boshogo’s death, they said they were notified by a family member of the untimely passing of Aubrey Bashoga.

“Aubrey was a passionate employee of SAA who served as a cabin crew member. On Behalf of Management and Employees at SAA, our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Mr Aubrey Bashoga,” it added. 

Not only was he a dedicated employee but he also created paintings, photo prints and Wire Art. 


Tweeps were up in arms on Monday following the news of Aubrey Boshoga’s death. Suntosh Pillay, a psychologist and a writer,  said LGBT+ people continue to suffer unrelenting hate and violence in South Africa.

“Talented artist Aubrey Boshoga, aged 48, was murdered and his body dumped outside his house last night. For no other reason except living his life,” he said on Twitter. 

Associate Professor and Director of the Centre for Applied Legal Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand Tshepo Madlingozi said: 

“Hate crime; lynching of a human being. The latest victim of LGBTIAQ+ lynching is Aubrey Boshoga. Boshoga was stabbed nine times. His lifeless body [was] dumped outside of his gate. Your homophobic views [kill]. Knifed 9 times; dumped outside his gate.” 

According to EWN, the tally of murdered LGBTQI+ people this year had risen to 10. 

Singer and songwriter Simphiwe Dana said: 

“Saddened to [hear] of the passing of Aubrey Boshoga. Such a kind soul. I met him when we did this photoshoot for @Previdar. He loved and was a huge collector of vintage suitcases. May his murderer be brought to justice.” 

The South African also reached out to police for comment on his death, however, there was no response at the time of publication. 


Presh JM Reporter

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