Andile Mngxitama – the firebrand leader of Black First Land First (BLF) – has lashed out at the State Capture Inquiry, after he was informed that a witness from the State Security Agency plans to implicate him in government corruption.

Who is Andile Mngxitama?

Alleged acts of fraud and money laundering are set to be levelled against Mngxitama, and the witness has chosen to remain anonymous. The controversial figure is a staunch supporter of Jacob Zuma and Radical Economic Transformation, and according to the Zondo Commission, he may have taken part in the very corruption he’s previously rallied against.

The BLF is a highly contentious organisation. Fanatical in their beliefs, the group has made headlines for all the wrong reasons in the past few years. Andile Mngxitama has been complicit in the harassment of journalists, and the party – who failed to win a Parliamentary seat during the last election – have issued death threats in official statements before.

State Capture Inquiry rattles BLF leader

However, it seems the State Capture Inquiry is focused solely on fiscal matters. Mngxitama isn’t buying their version of events – and has already branded the Commission ‘a circus’. He remains defiant, claiming that his ‘hands are clean’:

“The commission is now relying completely on agents of lies and manufacturers of evidence to deceive. We are now implicated by faceless witnesses. Why would one have to hide their identity if they stand for the truth. What circus is this, really? My general attitude is that the Zondo commission is an embarrassment of a political tool.”

“My enemies are celebrating everywhere. They think they have found the smoking gun. They think finally they have gotten me. I want to say this. We will win, and they will apologize for dragging my name like this into their mud. To my comrades, my brothers and sisters in Christ, I assure you all, my hands are clean. They are desperate. We’re going to war!”

Andile Mngxitama responds to the State Capture Inquiry


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