Sean Pandya, CEO of Amcon Consultants, Inc., is a man of both ambition and determination. His father, engineer Anil Pandya, founded Amcon 35 year ago. Following his footsteps, Sean is now rocking the cannabis industry with the designs for his upcoming cultivation facility.

Sean has helped spark a revolution in the cannabis industry, specifically in how cannabis is cultivated. He changed the conventional perspectives of what a cultivation facility should contain by bringing different branches of engineering into the facility. Using greenhouse technology developed by AGT helped make this possible. 

The real beginning of Sean’s career as we know it began in 2018. After the legalisation of cannabis in Canada and several US states that year, Sean saw this as a huge opportunity to make a profit. 

Many of his friends and family members urged him to put his efforts elsewhere, but Sean was determined. Using his know-how, he improved upon the previous engineering techniques his father had created. Developing a cannabis cultivation facility of large scale using improved methods and skilled workers was vital to the success of his career. His networking and communication skills helped him draw in a huge online audience and develop a loyal customer base. 

Sean is also teaching people that no matter how successful you are, you still have to actively maintain your physical and mental health and a positive mindset. More importantly, one should never back down from any challenge.

As Sean says, “Any aspiring entrepreneur should think less about their fears and more about when they are going to get started! If you want to start your own business, I’d say you should just do it! Oftentimes, the younger you are, the more risks you can take.”

Achieving a lifestyle like the one Sean currently enjoys is not possible if you are not successful in your business, however. Sean frequently showcases his lifestyle on social media with the goal of proving to his followers that ultimately you will find success if you trust in yourself and take advantage of any opportunity you get.

For Sean, that golden opportunity was breaking into the cannabis industry. Thanks to the ongoing COVID pandemic, there have been many changes within the industry, including the rise of indoor cultivation and the closure of other established cultivation facilities. More countries than ever these days are also making the push to legalise cannabis federally, which offers entrepreneurs like Sean an ever-increasing amount of opportunities.

As Sean himself states, “I knew I had really earned [my success] through honest, hard work.” However, while Sean would certainly describe himself as a hard worker, he wouldn’t go so far as to call himself a “workaholic”. He keeps his life balanced, and knows how to maintain a separation between his professional life at Amcon and his personal life. 

Young entrepreneurs and business owners the world over can learn from Sean’s life and use his work habits for greater success.


Presh JM Reporter

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