Pieter van der Westhuizen, the brother of Boks icon Joost, has officially been cleared of any wrongdoing in a chaotic incident that took place last July. All hell broke loose during a church service, forcing him into an act of self-defence.

Centurion church shooting ‘was an act of self-defence’

Pieter, who has previously served as an officer for the SA Police Service (SAPS), ended up in a confrontation with a group of armed robbers at a church in Centurion. One of the perpetrators held a gun to the pastors’ head. As the situation escalated, the well-known worshipper ensured that he would be the one to fire first, killing two of the crooks in the process.

Pastor Kobus Erasmus – who suffered a head injury during the frantic altercation – says God used Pieter Van der Westhuizen ‘as an instrument to protect the entire congregation’. SAPS also praised him for his ‘life-saving actions’.

Pieter van der Westhuizen ‘to put ordeal behind him’

Following a nine-month investigation, the authorities have ruled that his decision to open fire on the criminals ‘resulted in the prevention of the loss of innocent lives’. Van der Westhuizen’s lawyer revealed that his client was overwhelmed with relief, upon learning about the verdict on Tuesday. As far as SAPS are concerned, this case is now officially closed.

“It has been confirmed during the SAPS investigation that our client, Pieter van der Westhuizen acted in self-defence when he shot and killed the robbers and that his actions in all probability resulted in the prevention of any innocent churchgoers being hurt or killed by the armed robbers.”

“Were it not for Pieter’s actions that there was a definite possibility that innocent churchgoers could have suffered injuries or death at the hands of the robber. The charges against our client have accordingly been withdrawn in their entirety and the docket closed off by the South African Police Services.”


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