7 Reasons WHY Your Child Should Be Playing Minecraft

We’re in the century where Gaming is now the order of the day. If your child spends hours at their computer or game console playing games, are you happy about it?

What if the game is Minecraft? Well, that may not be a bad thing altogether. Minecraft is a game that is solely targeted toward kids between the ages of 9 and 15, this simple building-blocks game is one of the few that successfully educates and entertains the players.

Although we truthfully don’t encourage all-day gaming or playing of Minecraft, your child may benefit from playing Minecraft for 30 minutes each night.

Minecraft does not only help in boosting their grades but also help in improving their social skills, there are several reasons why you should let your child have a little extra screen time for this popular video game.

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7 Reasons WHY Your Child Should Be Playing Minecraft

1. It Improves Their Academics

While playing Minecraft, it is no longer secret that Minecraft helps your child in developing and improving their visuospatial reasoning skills (aka visual perception of objects). As the basis for abstract thinking and problem solving, these skills will help your child answer science and math equations in the most effective way possible.

Thanks to Minecraft, which makes it easier for kids to understand Mathematics and science questions. Playing this game will help your kid cut down the time it takes them to solve problems, which means more time to play!

2. It Encourages Creativity

games increases creativity

Another reason why you should let your child play this game is that it opens doors for free and creative thinking. The first time when Minecraft was launched, the construction aspect was used as a survival tool. As the game grew, however, players let their imaginations take over and began building castles, tree houses, and homes that could only exist in dreams.

Seeing how helpful this helps kids in being creative, the game offers a creative mode option for players whose main passion is to, well, create wonderful structures through the power of their imagination.

3. It Teaches Kids to Set (and Finish) Goals

Another wonderful aspect of this game is that it helps and teaches Kids to set and finish goals. Although the game has no specific goal like rescuing a princess or crossing the finish line first, Kids who play this game are rewarded when they complete certain tasks.

This reward goes a long way in forcing them to identify their own goals, develop a plan to best achieve it, and motivate themselves to accomplish it every time, no matter how long or hard the goal is. Building self-regulation skills like these will teach your child how to complete tasks without constant reminders and help.

4. It Makes Math Fun

benefits of minecraft

Have you ever played or watched this game? It’s almost built around mathematics. Geometry takes a little more work than plugging numbers into a calculator or drawing them on a line.

This is the same as Minecraft, as Minecraft’s use of shapes and space might make the subject easier to comprehend.

5. It Gives Them Power and Confidence

Minecraft game benefits

Have you ever thought of a game that is both Entertaining, Educative and confidence-boosting? Then Minecraft is the answer. Kids are often told they aren’t big enough, old enough, or smart enough to take on certain tasks.

But in Minecraft, it is a different story altogether. Minecraft proves that kids can be just as successful and skilled as adults. Also, because of the open-world format, kids and not a computer program, control the game.

6. It Appeals to Everyone

best benefits of Minecraft game

In addition to constructing shelter, players must survive in their new world by gathering materials and hunting for food. This goes a long way in teaching kids that they must protect themselves from a slew of dangerous elements such as hot lava and hostile creatures.

You can read stories of how Gaming has helped Kids deal in real-life situations they had no knowledge about.

7. It Teaches Teamwork

Another advantage of Minecraft is that it teaches kids how to team up and achieve a goal. By switching to multiplayer mode, kids can work together to build and protect a whole new world.

Bonus Points ON WHY Your Kids should Play Minecraft

1. It Helps Socially

Because of its diversity and popularity, Minecraft brings together Hundred of thousands of kids from a variety of social groups. It has even helped some kids overcome their social struggles.

According to Christy Wyatt, a mother and the head of Good Technology tells BBC News this which I decided to quote below:

“My son does have some challenges with the kids at school, but Minecraft is the thing that brought them together,”.

2. There’s No Violence

Unlike other games which I won’t mention here that promotes violence, Minecraft is the direct opposite. We live in a world which has too many graphic games, Minecraft lacks the gore factor that makes other games so popular.

Given the number of studies that link video games to violent behavior in children, this trait is especially reassuring to parents.

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