5 Ways to Give Your Son a Confidence Boost

When it comes to confidence in Kids today, a higher percentage of kids suffer from anxiety and lack of confidence, resulting to kids hiding their emotions, etc. When it comes to building a child’s confidence, boys and girls are not necessarily created equal.

Yes, both genders always suffer from low self-esteem, and they can both benefit from a little extra praise. But because boys tend to be less in touch with their emotions, it usually may take some subtler methods to raise the self-esteem of boys more than girls.

Here are a few ways to help turn your son into a confident young man that everyone will grow to admire.

5 Ways to Give Your Son a Confidence Boost

Build His Emotional Vocabulary

emotional vocabularly

Unlike girls, boys aren’t often encouraged to talk about their feelings or emotions both in the house or outside. Which usually makes boys, right from their very young age, start keeping things inside and never learn how to properly deal with the pain.

However, by encouraging your Son to express his emotions, your son may find it easier to work through whatever troubles him with you or his trusted friends around him. It also gives you a better understanding of his mindset, making it easier to help him and understand him.

Celebrate His Nonphysical Strengths

Celebrate His Nonphysical Strengths

Thanks to the media, boys think six-packs and strength are a man’s most important attributes, as we see Adverts and exercises, showcasing the easiest way to get six-pack.

These are so wrong on many levels, and it’s our job to tell our sons that.

Teach your son about the traits and characteristics that really matter, traits like;

  • intelligence,
  • Compassion,
  • Goodwill, to name a few — and praise him for embodying them.

Do Things He Likes to Do

By doing the things your son love with Him, you’re making him a friend for life. You ever wonder why Boys share secrets with their friends? It is because the friends participate with him on his hobbies and does things he loved.

Your participation in your son’s hobbies will show him that you care about the things that are important to him.

This makes him feel like he matters, which in turn boosts his self-esteem and makes him more open to you, giving you an ample chance to know him and teach him to be a better man.

Get Him a Job

And no, by giving him a Job, I don’t mean just so he can earn some extra cash. When a child is given more responsibilities, no matter how small the responsibility is, e.g, like taking out the trash, it shows that the adult is confident in his capabilities.

This, of course, makes the child have more confidence in themselves.

Encourage His Uniqueness

boost son confidence

This is one major place we parents fails. Not every boy likes to run through the dirt, play with toy cars, or toss around a football or watch a football game. And your son needs to know that that’s OK. In fact, it’s great! If he is happy with himself, then it will be much easier to ignore those who try to tease him, because he knows you understand him better.

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