There comes a time when every woman has those days where you’re on an emotional roller coaster, and the tears just keep on rolling without ending.

Whether you’re suffering from PMS or just suffering from a case of not being Beyoncé, there is always the chances that you’ve had yourself a good ugly cry from time to time.

If you’re an ugly crier, then you certainly would have definitely experienced every single one of these scenarios which is listed below:

1. When you’re on your period, the PMSing kicks in, and there’s ZERO chocolate in sight.

2. When you watch The Notebook for the 753rd time this year.

3. When you drink an entire bottle of wine by yourself and start stalking your ex.

4. When you try on swimsuits and the fluorescent lighting is trying to destroy you

try on swimsuits

5. When you’re on a no-carb diet and the hanger is too much to handle.

6. When you accidentally swipe left on the PERFECT man and must accept your fate.

accept your fate

7. When you think you’re tough enough to handle the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

episode of Grey’s Anatomy

8. When you want to order late-night pizza but they stopped delivering an hour ago.

late-night pizza

9. When another Pretty Little Liars season passes and you STILL don’t know who A is.

Pretty Little Liars

10. When you and your best friend get in a World War III worthy fight.

11. When you drunk dial your ex and embarrass yourself more than you ever thought humanly possible.

drunk dial your ex

12. When you’re at a wedding. As the bride. Or a bridesmaid. Or a guest. Or just someone’s plus-one. Doesn’t matter.


13. When Netflix takes away the series you were binge-watching before you could finish it.


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